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Nov 3-4, 2022


websh3 made a splash at another major conference! BABs Labs teamed up with Project Zero to host an evening side event during the NFT.London 2022. Alongside expert panels, attendees were able to preview the Coral Reefers collection ahead of the COP27 drop and support the NGO in turning the tide on the climate crisis.


Our Speakers

Knowledge, Collaboration, Partnerships, Funding

KRWN Studio
Founder & Creative Director

Amina Mehti

5+ years of experience in the luxury sector between Dubai and Milan, making her an experienced marketer and manager.

Daz 3D
Web3 Education Advisor

Danielle Davis

Writer/Content Creator, Podcast Host "From the Blockchain", NFT strategist, Fame Lady Squad Leadership Team, Web3 Education Advisor at Daz3d/Tafi.

CRX Media

Nikolett Vilmos

Nikolett is a digital advertising leader in the blockchain industry who specializes in using data-driven, creative approaches to create impactful campaigns that engage target audiences.

Co-founder & CEO

Mariana Brandao

17+ years of experience in the international music business, with experience working with top-tier artists, events, and recognized brands.

Regen foundation
Executive Director

Revathi Sharma

ReFi and community inclusion leader passionate about achieving planetary regeneration via Web3 systems.

BABs Labs
Founder and CEO

Catie Romero-Finger

Catie’s marketing and communications expertise is empowering Web3 businesses with strategies to make their mark in the changing tech landscape.

Las Palmas Doradas
Artist & Founder

Karina Abramova

17+ years of international professional experience across digital, marketing, communications, cultural insights, innovation, and trends from solely serving brands to serving the planet and the people who steward it.

Project Zero
Founder and CEO

Michele Clarke

Michele brings extensive experience in ocean conservation and a strong background in advertising, media, and film production to Web3 efforts for a sustainable future.


Opening speech

Panel – Art, Entertainment and Building in Web3

Moderator: Catie Romero-Finger Founder & CEO BABs Labs


  • Amina Mehti; Founder & Creative Director KRWN Studio
  • Danielle Davis; Web3 Education Advisor Daz 3D
  • Nikolett Vilmos; Founder CRX Media
  • Mariana Brandao; Co-founder & CEO Musigreen
  • Revathi Sharma; Executive Director Regen foundation

After Party

Open doors and introduction to Day 2

Panel – Sustainability Web3 London

Moderator: Karina Abramova Artist & Founder Las Palmas Doradas


  • Catie Romero-Finger; Founder & CEO BABs Labs
  • Michele Clarke; Founder Project Zero
  • Danielle Davis; Web3 Education Advisor Daz 3D
  • Nikolett Vilmos; Founder CRX Media
  • Mariana Brandao; Co-founder & CEO Musigreen
  • Amina Mehti; Founder & Creative Director KRWN Studio

After Party


Knowledge, Collaboration, Partnerships, Funding


Join diverse forces at the forefront of Web3.

Community Partners



The Whiteley, Queensway, London, UK


4:00 PM




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