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June 21 -22 2023

World Token Summit

Join us at the World Token Summit Dubai 2023 on June 21-22 for a dynamic and insightful conference exploring the latest trends in emerging technology, venture capital, tokenization, cryptocurrencies, and economics. This prestigious event will bring together leading experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts from around the globe to discuss and explore the future of these exciting industries.

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Our Speakers

Knowledge, Collaboration, Partnerships, Funding

Founder & COO

Nastya Adamova

As an international business development expert in high-tech, Nastya helps businesses to build brands, grow communities, refine technologies, and scale in the Web3 space.

Sharding Capital
Founding Partner

Belinda Zhou

Skilled at absorbing and processing knowledge of different industries in an expedited manner. Significant exposure to areas including blockchain technology, tourism consulting, horse breeding and racing, media and marketing via multiple work experiences or exchange studies.

Forbes Middle East

Josh Wilson

Executive producer, journalist, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist with a proven track record in business and television. Featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for entertainment in 2018, has executive produced shows aired on broadcasters including BBC, Disney, Sky, ESPN, Channel 4, Ximalaya, and National Geographic.

Founder and CEO

Simon Hudson

Simon Hudson is the Founder & CEO of Cheeze, Inc - an app that lets photographers mint their photos onto the Blockchain. Prior to Cheeze he was the Founder and CEO of Brndstr, a Social Intelligent company, established in 2013 and based in Dubai.

WOM Protocol

Melanie Mohr

Serial entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience in media, marketing and technology. Member and Global Chair of the prestigious H2 network from Silicon Valley as well as a chapter lead of the Disruption Disciples.

Kube VC
Leading Web3.0 investments

Zamin Jaleel

Web 3.0 & Blockchain Gaming

Tess Ventures
Founder & CEO

Tess Hau

Investor & advisor to high-performing startups globally. She had multiple successful investments and exits in VR tech, biotech, construction tech, marketing automation, and blockchain cryptocurrency tech companies.

New Tribe Capital
Senior Investment Associate

Mikita Gagalani

Qualified Chartered Accountant with over six years of experience in Alternative Assets, Private Equity, Real Estate Fund, Venture Capital, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain. Proficient in Fund Management, Project Analysis, Financial Modeling, Valuations and Research.

Marco Polo Experience

Patrizia Marin

Chartered accountant & legal auditor, media & pr specialist, founder of Marco Polo Experience, leading global agency, Dubai based, specialized in business & marketing strategies, communications & media relations, public affairs.


Investors Panel Discussion: Role of VCs in ecosystem building
• Moving towards catalysing an emerging technology ecosystem in the Arab world
• Role of VCs in creating conducive conditions for regional innovation
• Discussing networking patterns between private and publicly backed venture capital funds

Nastya Adamova, Founder & COO of BABs

• Belinda Zhou, Founding Partner Sharding Capital
Mikita Gagalani Maniar, Senior Investment Associate New Tribe Capital
• Eran Elhanani, co-founder of BullPerks & GamesPad, Founder Part One Capital.
• Zamin Jaleel, Leading Web3.0 investments at Kube VC

Technology Panel discussion: The Future of emerging technology and impact of modern society
• Exploring the recent emerging technology trends and its impact on the society of today and tomorrow • Navigating disruptive periods of tech evolution since the Internet
• Embracing disruption with innovation, new business models and social structures

Nastya Adamova, Founder & COO of BABs

• Melanie Mohr, CEO of WOM Protocol
• Patrizia Marin, President Marco Polo Experience Magazine
• Simon Hudson, Founder and CEO of Cheeze
• Josh Wilson, Contributor Forbes Middle East


Knowledge, Collaboration, Partnerships, Funding


Join diverse forces at the forefront of Web3.

How to get there


Conrad Dubai - Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates






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