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Mar 1, 2023

Sparx x websh3 Denver 2023

Join us on March 1st at Salesforce Denver Tower for the Sparx x websh3 Denver 2023! We'll explore blockchain and emerging tech, with topics like Unlocking Benefits of Blockchain and Expanding Horizons with Emerging Tech. This event is the perfect opportunity to learn, network, and grow in a diverse and inclusive environment. We can't wait to see you there!

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Our Speakers

Knowledge, Collaboration, Partnerships, Funding

Co-Lead & Core Contributor
Blu3 DAO
Tribes Studio

Jess Furman

Jess is a creative strategist with a proven track record in fresh perspective big-picture ideation and effective goal implementation - spanning across multiple sectors including New Media, Web3, film, music, business & non-profit.


Ketly Freirik

Ketly is building a network of Impact Selves with Dottyland. Empowering every consumer to have a measurable IRL impact through owning and benefitting from our consumer identity. Previously, she spent eight years in fintech, covering both B2C & B2B marketing, business development, sales and product management.

Latinas in Tech
Chapter Lead

Aimara Rodriguez

first-generation Honduran-American business strategist and content creator based in Denver, Colorado. She has a diverse background working at the intersection of startups, tech, and products.

Pocket Network
Cofounder and Design Lead

Valeria Benitez Florez

A Colombian native, Valeria drives strategic brand vision and direction across the product portfolio and is focused on improving user experiences to build the most trusted, and impactful diverse Web3 CX/UX teams.

Blu3 DAO
Founding Team, Contributor + Advisor

Lana Dingwall

Business and growth consultant, web3 enthusiast, DAO contributor, real estate investor, speaker, co-founder of Astrid Park, podcast host, and a best-selling author. Lana coaches and consults with web3 projects, founders, and builders, as well as web2-based online businesses.

Unlock Protocol
Head Of Marketing

Christopher Carfi

Seasoned marketing professional with a diverse background in various industries. With a keen interest in emerging technologies and their impact on business and society, he has developed a wealth of experience in marketing strategy development and execution.

Baddies in Tech
Founder & Executive Director

Allie Joy Tsahey

Ghanaian-American tech recruiter and entrepreneur with 4+ years of experience. Founder/CEO of Baddies in Tech, a career development ecosystem, and community that is helping women of color break into and belong in technology.

F3 Ventures
Core Team Lead

Mila Bozinov

Passionate entrepreneur, community steward, and philanthropist, she bridges people, culture, nature, and tech. Her interest in growth has enabled her to pursue passions in web3, holistic wellness, systems design, sustainability, and personal/professional development.

Investment Associate

Carson Nye

Investor at Techstars leading one of Techstars Web3 Practice areas.


Check-in at Welcome Desk on 5th Floor

Networking and Welcome Speech

Panel: Unlocking the Benefits of Blockchain Technology in the Real World

Panel: Expanding the Horizons of Your Career with Emerging Technology

Speed Networking: Attendees will write on a name badge the topics they’re interested to talk about/mentor about

Closing Speech and Networking


Knowledge, Collaboration, Partnerships, Funding


Join diverse forces at the forefront of Web3.

How to get there


Salesforce, 17th Street Plaza, 1225 17th St, Denver, CO, USA


2:00PM - 5:00PM




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