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June 23, 2022


websh3 celebrated its first IRL event during the leading annual NFT conference. BABs Labs teamed up with Infura and gathered diverse forces at the forefront of Web3 in downtown Manhattan. As the saying goes, the rest is history.


Our Speakers

Knowledge, Collaboration, Partnerships, Funding

Unique Network

Charu Sethi

Recently named as one of the top women in Crypto globally, Charu is a passionate advocate for enterprise education and adoption of crypto. Has spoken at global crypto conferences including Consensus by Coindesk, NFT NYC, Tech Circus events , podcasts and more.

Dapper Labs
Head of Art Partnerships

Nicole Rochette

Nicole works with artists, creators, IP holders, dreamers, institutions, and marketplaces to bring them into the blockchain and onto Flow.

Intraverse AI

Yasmina Kazitani

Yasmina has over 18 years of experience in marketing, branding and growth. Currently operating as Fractional CMO Interverse AI the voice of the web3.


Kärri Brewster-Palts

Removing the price barrier from sustainable fashion innovation by tokenizing individual impact behavior.

Emmy-winning filmmaker

Lisa Russell

Lisa Russell is an Asian American Emmy® Award-winning filmmaker whose work lies at the intersection of arts, social justice, and sustainable development.

Fierce Studio NFT

Peg Samuel

Web3 expert and seasoned business strategist, Peg excels at simplifying complex concepts and communicating them effectively across all platforms, with a focus on achieving global reach.

Founder & CEO

Simon Hudson

Passionate entrepreneur, responsible for helping the early Dubai startup echo system evolve by taking global community Startup Grind to the city and mentoring other local Entrepreneurs at Startup Weekend.

Miss Frais NFT
Artist & Designer

Maria Tokareva

Colombian-Russian artist has repeatedly broken barriers throughout the trade, showing her pieces at renowned fairs and various expositions across the world. Owner of an Art Gallery and Design Studio in Design District Miami. Successfully launched Art/Fashion brand Miss Frais.


Taylor Diamond-Vizcaino

First Female, LatinX, LGBTQ activist founder in the blockchain space with the creation of Pride Pixies NFT and a new NFT /DeFi Platform called Moovmint.io

Pride Pixies NFT

Genna Rupelli-Vizcaino

Co-Founder of Pride Pixies NFT, Boss Lady, Mom, Wife, 19-year licensed Lawyer⚖️, Entrepreneur, Proud Ally🌈, NFT-enthusiast, Activist, and Crypto Investor.

Management Plus Enterprises
IMPACT Learning Institute

Lexie King

At the intersection of the sports, entertainment, and Web3 industries, Lexie brings a wealth of experience in management and entrepreneurship to the world of crypto.


Emily Rasowsky

Emily helps people/brands/artists figure out what they actually want. As a build-bridger and translator for visionary ideas and trends then create a roadmap and ways to get there.

Dinky Artist
Founder & CEO

Rachel Wilkins

+20 years experience in marketing in the consumer technology industry working for large corporate brands like Samsung and Dell, Now own her own business, Dinky Artist.

Co-Founder & CMO
Metaverse Architects
Head of Marketing & Events

Joy Katharina

Gen Z Serial Entrepreneur, Consultant & Public Figure with 8+ years of International business experience acquired through working in the Luxury Goods, Fashion, Marketing and Drinks sectors focused on building hybrid Web3 companies.

Co-Founder, CEO & Creative Director

Blue Hamel

Art Director, Content Producer, Videographer, Photographer, Stylist and Influencer.

Tasty Toastys

Channel Lee

Specializing in NFTs, DeFi, and the Metaverse. Previously, excelled in automation tech sales and partnerships, served as a Marketing Director for a global fitness apparel and footwear brand, and contributed to the development of Singapore's economy in the lifestyle and retail industry.

Founder & CEO

Louise-Marie Marguet

A young entrepreneur with a deep love for music, marketing & digital!

Sara J. McCord, LLC
Founder & CEO

Sara McCord

200+ published articles. Marketing, brand, & communications strategist. Managed 80+ influencers worldwide and created 50+ hours of live content per week.

The Lifted Initiative
Co-Founder, & Head of Strategic Ops

Tho Nguyen

Tho has 10+ years of experience in strategy operations and program management at both large corporations and startups.

Senior Product Designer

Yeho H Wang

Human-conscious and mission-driven product designer. Designing for Inclusive Web3.

Women of the Metaverse
Co-Founder NFT and Web 3.0 Collective

Farah Selena

Extensive experience in building and managing long-term relationships within the Global Luxury Travel Industry.

Metaverse XYZ

Kate Hancock

known as "The Pivot Queen" by those who know her tireless work ethic, is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, Web3 Board of Advisor and a mom of two amazing boys.

Founder & CTO

TeLisa Daughtry

Award-Winning Diversity & Technology Advocate; Multi-Disciplined Creative and Technologist; Social Entrepreneur and Investor; passionate about building the future!

Grow International
Chief Happiness Officer

Polina Groman

#1 Award-Winning, Growth Expert, Global Speaker, Investor, Media Mogul.


Event Kick-off and Welcoming Speech by Catie Romero & Thy-Diep Ta

Panel – Sustainability in Web3

Moderator: Charu Sethi, CMO at Unique Network


  • Nicole Rochette; Head of Art Partnerships, Dapper Labs
  • Yasmina Kazitani; CMO at Intraverse AI
  • Kärri Brewster-Palts; Co-founder at Dottyland
  • Lisa Russell; Emmy-winning filmmaker, Founder at Create 2030

Panel – Art Photography and NFTs

Moderator: Peg Samuel; Founder at Fierce Studio NFT


  • Simon Hudson; Founder at Cheeze
  • Maria Tokareva; Artist & Designer Miss Frais NFT
  • Taylor Diamond-Vizcaino; Founder MoovMint.io
  • Genna Rupelli-Vizcaino; Co-founder at Pride Pixies NFT
  • Lexi King; COO at Management Plus Enterprises 

H.E.R. DAO VC Pitch Competition

Panel – Community Building 

Moderator: Emily Rasowsky; CEO PopAgency.xyz


  • Rachel Wilkins; Co-Founder Renegade Marketing
  • Joy Katharina; Co-Founder & CMO YEN GIN, Head of Marketing & Events Metaverse Architects
  • Blue Hamel; Co-Founder, CEO & Creative Director YEN GIN.
  • Channel Lee; Founder Tasty Toastys, Co-Founder Flockke
  • Louise-Marie Marguet; Founder & CEO at Emojam

Panel – Catalyzing Women in Web3: The conventional and unconventional path to Web3 

Moderator: Sara McCord; Founder & CEO Sara J. McCord, LLC 


  • Tho Nguyen; Co-Founder, & Head of Strategic Ops at The Lifted Initiative
  • Yeho Hwang; Senior Product Designer at Consensys
  • Farah Selena; Co-Founder NFT and Web 3.0 Collective at Women of the Metaverse
  • Kate Hancock; Founder Metaverse XYZ
  • TeLisa Daughtry; Founder & CTO FlyTechnista
  • Polina Groman; Chief Happiness Officer Grow International

Award Session and Closing After Party.


Knowledge, Collaboration, Partnerships, Funding


Join diverse forces at the forefront of Web3.

Community Partners



JuneShine New York, Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA






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